NOVAMEDISAN ITALIA S.r.l. is a company with the headquarters in Bologna, Italy, specialized in the supply of medical products to the whole variety of health field structures.

NOVAMEDISAN ITALIA S.r.l. has been established by the underwriting of branches of business of Novamed S.r.l. and Medisan S.r.l., companies that for many years have aimed at managing the different problems of a very different clientele, from hospital structures to clinics and rest homes as well as chemists, herbal chemists, health shops and doctors.

By means of a complete and efficient sales and after-sales service for the whole of Italy, NOVAMEDISAN ITALIA aims to satisfy the different requirements of its customers and to solve their problems.

The high standard of customer service, in fact, is further guaranteed by the quality certification ISO 9001:2000 and EN ISO 13485:2004, which safeguard all its procedures and internal activities.


- scientific information focused towards health staff
- sales and marketing experience in the management of hospital supplies
- distribution aimed at satisfying the specific needs of the single departments
- cultural communication competence in the health field

NOVAMEDISAN ITALIA is primarily dedicated:

- to the supply of medical devices to hospitals, clinics and rest homes
- to the study and realization of projects aimed at supplying disposable components for all types of surgical operations, assembled in a single sterile Kit.

 Novamedisan Italia Srl  -  Via dei Lapidari, 17 - 40129 Bologna - Italy
TEL: +39 051 327911/326888 - FAX: +39 051 327905/326325